Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Freezer Cleanout

Well, I thought since I had given my fridge some love recently I should share that with my freezer!!  It was starting to get out of hand and things were getting placed and shoved anywhere it would I was losing track of what I actually had.  So it was time to get that baby cleaned out and organized!

Before I get to the pretty pictures, let me show the state my freezer was in first.

One thing I noticed is I wasn't utilizing the side door as well as I should...sure it was nice to have a spot for the ice packs, but that wasn't the only thing I could use it for.  So although I had a bin for vegetables, I hardly ever went to it and couldn't remember what I actually had in there.  So I decided to move my veggies to the door.   I also moved our coffee beans to the side door...actually forgot those were hidden in the very bottom drawer of the freezer!

Some of the bins I had already purchased long ago, the purplish/blue ones and tall clear ones came from Garden Ridge.  Once I took everything out of the freezer and laid it out on the counter I decided to use my recently purchased clear bins from The Container Store since they held more and then the purple ones as well.

Since the various meats took up the majority of the shelves and bottom drawer, that left the top shelf wide open for my ice cream!!!  Don't judge...our grocery store was having a sale and I couldn't pass up some ice cream!! 

Here is a nice before and after shot of the freezer! 

What I loved best about this little clean out was it allowed me to actually see what I have in stock so hopefully now this will cut out any over buying!  I also love that it only took about twenty minutes!!  

With much love,


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