Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Organizing The Cleaning Supplies

Have you ever opened a door looking for something and then thought, what in the world is actually in there.  Well, I had this thought when I opened the cabinet door to my cleaning supplies.  So I decided no time like the present to clean it out.  Since I started making some of my own cleaners, there were quite a few things that I could get rid of...some were bottles that had barely anything in them and others I bagged up to give to my dad.

So after taking a survey of what was in there, I laid it all out so I could see what was actually in there and then make my piles to keep, throw away, or donate.  At this time I also gave the inside of the cabinet a good cleaning so I could literally start fresh!

Can anyone say I love to play BINGO!!!  Notice the four bingo daubers on the right side :)  I decided to put them to better use and put them in the girls' arts and craft bin.  I am not sure how some things actually ended up in this cabinet, but it was time to take them back to their original home.  After pairing down the essentials and taking out one of the shelves, here is what I have left.

Eventually, a few of these products will be replaced with a home made remedy like the laundry detergent and carpet deodorizer, but I wanted to use them all up first.

I did put a little hook on the inside of the door to hold my delicates bag, which I am loving!!  I used a simple command hook with double sided tape.

It felt good to take about 15 minutes to clean out this cabinet and finally remove the clutter that was filling it before.  How about you guys, anyone else tackling a little organizing project??

With much love,


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