Hi there and thanks for stopping by!! I am a Texas girl and love everything about my hometown, especially the food!  One of my favorite things to eat is Tex-Mex.  I crave chips and salsa pretty much ALL the time.  I love to cook and in my free time you will find me curled up reading, whether it is my favorite novel or organizing magazines.

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The things I love the most are my family, friends, and faith!!    I cherish every moment we get to spend together and each memory we make together.  I wouldn't be where I am without you!  I feel so blessed to have found the one who is my best friend, confidant, and partner in crime in this life we have together.

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My story about my introduction into the blogging world has definitely taken lots of twists and turns to get here, but none the less here I am :)  After I graduated from college it was time to enter the real world, which can be kinda scary if you ask me.  My degree took me to NASA, where I first worked in safety and then as a Space Shuttle Instructor for Astronauts...no I am not kidding, major cool factor right??? Well, I worked as an instructor until the Space Shuttle retired...very sad to say goodbye, but I am very fortunate to now stay at home with my girls.

No matter what the project is and no matter how big or small I always have in the back of my mind how will this make our home a happier place.  How will the space work for us?  How can I modify something I see on Pinterest or in a magazine to function in our home.  As much as I enjoy decorating, organizing, and cooking, I enjoy spending as much time as I can with my babies.  They are reason behind the name of the blog, it is a combination of their nicknames.  They are my light and their belly laughs always makes me remember how blessed we are.  My sweet babies make me remember to have fun and keep me young at heart!!

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Well a few years ago, I was told about this thing called Pinterest by one of my amazing friends who is always in the know :) Needless to say, I was sucked into the power of Pinterest and would spend hours pinning away!  The way I looked at it, I might be hoarding all these ideas, but at least it was all electronically!

So it got me to thinking, maybe I should venture out of my comfort zone and start trying some of these things I have been pinning. I started doing more research (I am an engineer afterall) for my favorite pins and it lead me to my first blog, I Heart Organizing.  That blog has lead to a whole world I never really knew about and now I am hooked.  As my hubbie and I started completing more DIY projects around the house my confidence grew.  Now I can't walk into a room in our home without the gears turning into all the possibilities each room holds...whether it is a new paint color, new artwork, or organization.

Because I have learned so much from my favorite blogs and feel inspired to create after sitting down
to read one, I wanted to share my experiences (triumphs and failures) in making a house our home.  I think we all inspire each other and lift each other up on the road we are on, whether it is motherhood, decorating, DIY, organizing, etc!  This blog is nothing without you, my friends and family, so please share your thoughts and ideas with me!

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