Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Cleaning Out The Fridge

My fingers have been itching to get started on building the closet in the nursery, but our plans have been slightly delayed and soon hope to be back on track to get that closet completed!!  In the mean time, I have put my itchy fingers to good use and got an early start on my spring cleaning.  One of my favorite bloggers, Jen at I Heart Organizing, has been doing a monthly clean home challenge and that has really been motivating me to get more done each day.

Earlier this week, I decided to tackle the fridge.  When I opened up the fridge, it was stockpiled with lots of containers for leftovers.  At one time I was pretty good at cleaning out the fridge at least once a least cleaning out the leftover containers, but time has gotten away from me the last few weeks.

So for starters, I took out all of the leftovers and cleaned out the containers.  Then I cleared out the rest of the fridge so I could give the shelves a good wipe down.  To clean the fridge I use a spray bottle mixture of 1 cup of distilled water and 1 cup of vinegar with a microfiber cloth.  I have been wiping down my counters and cabinets in the kitchen with a microfiber cloth for a few months now and I love them!!!

Once the fridge was cleaned, I started sorting things and putting them back in the fridge and I noticed we had almost two shelves empty since the leftovers were cleared out.  We are very fortunate to have  two fridges, one is out in the garage, and we normally store our drinks, yogurts and some of the girls' snacks out there.  The bad thing, things weren't being eaten and basically wasting money :(  So I decided to bring some of those things inside and leave the garage fridge for the leftovers and extra drinks.  I do a weekly meal planning so theoretically I know when we will be having leftovers so hopefully they won't be forgotten out there!!

I purchased a few medium bins from The Container Store to store yogurts and the others are currently being used in the freezer.  Added bonus, these babies are currently on sale at The Container Store!!!

We are in the process of changing the girls' juices so typically there won't be two different brands.  Once they finish off the Fruitables, I will be able to put more of the Honest Kids or maybe something else in that spot.  (P.S. sorry for the iPhone photo)

Eventually I would like to get shallow bins for things like applesauce and cheesesticks, but for now I just used a few tupperware containers.  As for the side door, I cleared out the expired jars and wiped everything down.

Anyone else tackling some spring cleaning??

With much love,


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