Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Closet Euphoria

We have declared this year, the year of closet organization for our household!  To keep the momentum going from our newly designed coat closet we are moving on to our next closet renovation in the nursery!  Did you catch that last word ;)  We are expecting number three to join us in August…still "patiently" waiting to find out if we are having a boy or girl and we are now officially outnumbered!!

I have some ideas on the colors for the room and I have been itching to start on that room, but until then I have been making lists and scouring the internet for inspiration.  One thing we knew from the start was the closet needed some major love!!  It has one shelf and one clothing rod, talk about serious lack in the organization and function department!  Don't forget to mention it is more of a reach-in closet so there isn't much depth to the closet.  Brace yourself for the beauty of this picture!

We are nearing the end of the demo for the current state of the closet and ready to move forward with our plan.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that when we remove the shelf it doesn't damage the drywall and texture.  There are still a few ideas to finalize, like do I want to paint the inside of the closet a different color than the room or put up bead board in the closet.  Although, I like the look of the bead board I am not sure I want to spend the money to be honest.

Originally, I thought to put an Ikea Expedit shelf in there and clothing rods on the side, similar to a design from I Heart Organizing.

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Although, I still like this idea, we are also limited on space in the actual room so it was back to the drawing board.  My original plan for a dresser in the room would need to serve multiple purposes, one to use as a dresser and two to use as a changing table.  This is still the plan, but after doing some measuring we need a dresser that is less than 60 inches.  I found one that fits the requirements and it will involve an Ikea hack!!  So where does this leave us for the closet, we want some shelving in there and something to give us a few extra drawers.  Something like the image below.

We considered purchasing an inexpensive dresser and then building shelves on top of it.  I started scouring the internet and doing some research on some options.  However, to save some time on construction and hopefully labor, we are leaning towards this option at The Home Depot.  We plan to add shelving to the top of the unit and at least two drawers.  We are also wanting to create the built-in look for this unit, which will require a minimum of carving out a section of baseboard.

Anyone tackling a closet renovation??  I would love to see pictures!!

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  1. I'm just reading through old posts, congrats on #3!! Do you know what you're having?? I'm currently pregnant with #3 as well, due in August and it's a girl :)

    1. Thank you and congrats on your baby girl!! I am also having a baby girl due in August too :)


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