Friday, December 6, 2013

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Well the past few days my hubbie and I have had some fails and some triumphs with Lucia the Elf!!!  A definite triumph is that the girls are excited every morning to go see Lucia and even will sit there talking to her.  One of the big fails have been Miss Anabella was upset that Lucia ate some of her M&M's, but overall all is good here!!  I have been posting pictures on Instagram of what Lucia has been up to, but I wanted to share with you all in one post!  I apologize in advance, some pictures were taken with the iPhone and some with the actual camera :)


Lucia made her arrival with a message written in marshmallows.  Miss Anabella was okay with this since she then got to eat the marshmallows!!  No concerns from Miss Olivia :)


Here is the big fail fail….don't mess with Miss Anabella's M&M's.  Miss Olivia was only a little bit upset, but then got more upset when sister got upset!


Lucia smoothed things over by bringing the girls some candy canes fresh from the North Pole!  The girls were all smiles and so excited to find her in the tree :)


Lucia tested her skills as an acrobat and the girls had to test their skills as a detective!  Took a little bit of help from momma to find her hanging from the ceiling fan, but boy were there some girly screams when they found her!  :)

I have been sharing my pictures on Instagram with the tag #elfontheshelf and there have been some awesome pictures on there…if you need any inspiration you will definitely find it!

I will be sharing next Friday a delicious recipe for a gluten free cake.  It was the one I actually made for Olivia's birthday, but I am currently making it again for an awesome little girl who turns the big TEN soon!!  She did make a request for the cake to have green icing since that is her favorite color…wish me luck!!!

And don't forget to follow Lucia's antics on Instagram!! Happy weekend to all!

With much love,


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