Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY Christmas Card Holder

Hey there!!!  Hope you all had a good weekend…we took it easy and stayed inside where it was nice and warm!!  I did a little more decorating and actually got a few presents wrapped…wahooo!!!  We got our stockings hung by the fire :) In the past I have used little 3M hooks to hang them on the fireplace, but this year I decided to add a little something extra and super simple!

For some reason I seem to have an abundance of clothespins, which also lead to another easy craft I did this weekend.  To use the clothespins as a stocking holder, I put a quick coat of spray paint (Rust-O-Leum Champagne Mist) on them first and then let dry.  Once dry, I attached them to the mantle with 3M Damage Free Double-Sided Tape.  I have used this tape every year on the mantle and they have left no damage when I take down my decorations in January.


After realizing I had so many clothespins, I thought maybe I can put them on a string and clip on our Christmas cards, particularly the picture ones.  I thought that way we can see everybody's smiling faces.  Then it got me to thinking what if I made some sort of garland to "hide" the clothespins.  Since it was pretty chilly here, I didn't feel like going out so I wanted to use what I already had around the house.  I did some searching on Pinterest and found some cute ideas to make a strand of Christmas lights….like the old fashioned bulbs.  I didn't have multicolored paper, but I did have some Christmas themed scrapbook paper so I went with that.  It isn't perfect, but that is sorta what I love about it.

I freehanded the shape of the light bulb and then traced and cut it out on the different scrapbook paper.  I decided to color in the top part to make it look more like the socket of the light bulb.  I then used Tacky Glue to attach the paper to the clothespin.  Attached the clothespin to the string and hung it in our kitchen.

I do have another craft up my sleeve for Christmas that doesn't involve clothespins and I hope to share it with you all soon!!  For now, happy decorating!!

With much love,


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