Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Time to Organize the Garage

Well, almost a year ago my husband built these awesome shelves in the garage and we have definitely put them to use.  Unfortunately over the last few months some things just got shoved placed in an open spot so it is time to reassess our system.  The shelves are definitely staying, just going to do some rearranging.

When I went in to get our Christmas decorations…or I should say when my hubbie went in to get the decorations down, the first thing I noticed was none of the boxes were labeled.   HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?????  So, I decided it was time to take action and get to organizing the garage a little better.  Unfortunately, just like the office this might be a slow process, but I want to show you what we are starting with.

The majority of those boxes on the top two shelves are the Christmas decorations…what can I say, I LOVE to decorate for Christmas!!  Might be hard to see, but the four blue boxes in the top left are the girls' clothes for when they outgrow them or for the next season.  Also notice that only two of them are actually labeled.  One problem for these bins is their location.  Since they are all the way up there, I haven't been doing a good job of using them to keep the girls' closet current and organized.  This is actually another big organizing job that I want to tackle, but probably won't happen until the first of the year.

It isn't really shown in the picture, but along the wall we have all of the wood we have purchased for upcoming projects.  My husband wants to utilize the space above the garage door and put some shelves up there so he can put all the boards up there and off the ground.  

One thing we did a few months ago, was to transfer all of our paint into mason jars.  I love being able to see what paint we actually have and the colors of them.  I also love the ease of using the jars for quick touch-ups.  The only problem is their location…I want them lower and actually closer to my spray paints.

My husband installed a few shelves and peg board right outside the garage door.  This area is for the tools we need on a regular basis and let me tell you it has been used frequently.  I no longer have to ask him where the hammer is or a screw driver!!!  This area will probably stay the same, just a few things to straighten up on the shelves.

Now, off to organize the garage…wish me luck!!  Also, if you have any tips please send them my way!!  :)

With much love,


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