Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Little Love to an Ordinary Shelf

Remember a few weeks ago when I said we were going to be organizing our office, well don't worry we still are and I hope to have an update on that soon.  We have slowly been organizing it one drawer at a time and really thinking about how the space will work best for us.  In the meantime, my hubbie made me another ten dollar ledge and hung it in our master bathroom.  Well, I couldn't leave that pretty new shelf blank for ever so I got my bottom in gear to bring it a little Love.

It all started with a white Ikea Ribba Frame.  The shelf was hung over the toilet, which is separated by a door from the shower and sink.  So I wanted to add a little something simple and special.  First step was to spruce up the plain white frame.  I purchased flat corner braces from the local hardware store, and FYI they are located on the isle with the door knobs :)   The only problem was the size I wanted did not come in gold...no problem as my husband reminded me I could just spray paint them!!!  Isn't he wonderful, he knows the way to this girl's heart!  So that is just what I did, I spray painted the zinc plated braces with Rust-oleum Champagne Mist, which I had leftover from a Fall project. Then I installed them onto the frames.

Since the screws were the same color as the braces, after I installed them I brushed some spray paint on them with a small paintbrush.  Then I made a little art for the frame and printed it at home on glossy printer paper.  Since I am totally in love with little splashes of gold/champagne I added a little potted plant from Ikea.  I purchased it from Ikea for $1.99 and added the faux plant for $0.47.  The planter pot was originally white, but no problem there!!

Originally I wanted to spray paint the bottom half of the planter, but when I did the line wasn't sharp and frankly it was bothering me too much that it wasn't straight.  So I ended up spray painting the whole thing.

I haven't decided if I am going to leave it like this or bring some white back to it, but for now I am totally loving my new little shelf and its accessories!!

The frame was given to me by my aunt, so I spent less than five dollars on this little update!!  I am totally loving the little love that it brings to our bathroom!

With much love,


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