Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Time To Organize The Office

One of the things I struggle with the most when it comes to staying organized is filing paper - it is my arch nemesis.  I have struggled with finding a system that works for all of us, but that is about to change...at least I hope!!

A while back we moved the office downstairs and stocked it with a few pieces from Ikea.  We have slowly been stock piling organization pieces, like file boxes, magazine holders, etc.  So now it is time to  clear out the junk and downsize to the items that are important and useful.

Organizing the office is definitely going to take me some time.  My plan of attack is to empty the drawers and cabinets and see what is all hiding in there.  Then once I can see all there is, I can sort through what is needed and what can be thrown out or donated.  We purchased a desk and some expedit shelves from Ikea to assemble a wall unit.  I will go into more detail on how we put it all together in a separate post, but this is what we are starting with.

Looks so pretty doesn't!!  It is actually kinda embarrassing looking at the picture...definitely makes me cringe looking at everything disorganized.

Above the door, we installed a shelf that doesn't really house much, but I plan to change that soon!!

These are actually two Stuva units from Ikea that I envisioned for my scrapbooking and craft supplies.  I got started on organizing the drawers, but then "cooler" things got in the way and I pushed the task to the side.

This drawer is on one side of the door and on the other is a 3-drawer dresser we purchased from Ikea as well.

Notice the curtain rod in the corner...what is that even doing there!!!  My plan is to make this area the command center and I am currently working on a wall calendar to put above the dresser.   Hopefully, I will have a post for you later this week with the command center all finished.

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