Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Playroom: Touch of Spray Paint and A Ten Dollar Ledge

A few weeks ago, we DIY'ed a wall chalkboard for the playroom, and the color we spray painted the trim has become one of my favorite colors!! It actually competes with my love affair of gray :) Love affairs aside, I wanted to bring more of this color into the playroom.  So I decided to whip out my can of favorite spray paint, Valspar Peacock Blue, and use some of that color on the knobs on our tv stand.

We purchased this piece of furniture a little over five years ago at Hobby Lobby.  Originally, I had wanted it in the entryway, but found it better suited for the playroom.  I like that I can "hide" everything inside the cabinet and it was actually my first piece of furniture that stepped outside my usual darker woods.

Previously it was used to store all of our games and the kiddos arts and craft supplies, but now I have moved most of that to the Expedit shelves.  There is wonderful storage and organization to be had for this piece of furniture and I am slowly working on what it can best be used for in this room.  I do a lot of my Christmas wrapping in this room, after the girls are asleep of course.  The drawers could hold my supplies of tags, bows, ribbons, etc.

Anywho, back to the present transformation for the playroom.  I fell in love with the color of spray paint used on the chalkboard frame and thought the knobs on the tv stand were a bit drab.  So simple fix, I just unscrewed the knobs and wiped them off.  Then took them outside to attack them with the spray paint :)

What do you think?  For me, I LOVE them!!!  Anabella at first wasn't a fan, she isn't a fan of change, but after she slept on it she declared her love for them too!

Oh and in the interest of keeping it are the girls entertaining themselves while mommy is trying to snap a few pictures for the blog :) It scares me to think how Anabella will be in the "real" kitchen seeing as how she always dumps everything out of her kitchen first before making her fabulous meals - a trait her sister has picked up flawlessly!!

My hubbie was also able to hang the ledge over the tv last week and I spent the week scouring the house for things to put on it.  He used the same design from Ana White for this shelf that he used for the bathroom shelves, with the exception of longer and wider.  We went with pine boards this time: 1x2x6, 1x4x6, 1x6x6 and cut the ledge down to a 4-foot board.  Here it is pre-sanded and without the Kreg-Jig plugs.

My husband decided to put the pocket holes on the top side of the ledge instead of on the bottom so you don't see them.  All sanded and ready to be stained with Rust-o-leum Dark Walnut.

I am still learning the best way to style bookshelves and ledges, but overall I am super pleased with the finished product!!  Any tips though would be greatly appreciated!!!

The ampersand was a Target purchase a little over a year ago.  My husband actually uses it for engagement sessions, and I thought when not in use it was too pretty not to have on display!!

The pretty teal owl was an Amazon find, it is a set of three, and I couldn't pass them up :)   So what do you think??  I have thought about putting a glaze on the knobs to help break up the shininess - kinda using the owl for inspiration!

Also, thinking about adding some color to this wall in the playroom.  I would love to paint the whole room, but our floor plan for upstairs is all open and would be kind of hard to find the stopping point for the paint.  The playroom shares a wall with the stairs so then have to figure out do you paint the stairs and then the stairs leads into the entryway/living room so what about those rooms???? So I got a headache just writing that and thought just paint an accent wall in the playroom!  Now I have to decide what color to paint it??  Really liking a lot of colors I found here....just have to decide which one is best for us.  Thoughts????

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