Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Patio Chair Refresh

About three weeks ago, I brought a little more color to our patio by adding a new paint color to our adirondack chairs.  We were given these chairs years ago by some of our dear friends and they have been the perfect addition to our patio.  When we first got them we updated them with new stain, but lately I have been on a kick to bring more color indoors and outdoors...nothing is safe!!  I know I have said it before, and will probably say it again, but it always amazes me what a new paint color can do.

I did manage to get a picture of the Adirondack chairs before I attacked them with some new paint, but it was after I started sanding them down.

So after giving each of them a light sanding, I wiped them down with a microfiber rag.  Then I got to painting the chairs with my new gallon of paint and a paint brush.  I did add some Floetrol first, which helps reduce the brush strokes and helps to thin out the paint.  For the paint, I went with Valspar Duramax Spearmint Haze in a satin finish, which is the prettiest mint color!  I applied two coats to each chair.

I am seriously in love with this color!!  Each morning I open the blinds and I spot these chairs and can't help but smile, I just love the pop of color they bring to the patio.

I purchased a ceramic garden stool from Wayfair a few weeks ago and it is the perfect accessory to the chairs!  It was my first purchase with them and I was able to receive an additional 10% off, plus free shipping and no tax.  And to top it off, you receive 3% rewards that can be applied to future purchases!!!

You might spy the ceramic flower pot in the corner looking plain and dreary...don't fear I have a plan for those too!  Just have to find some time to spruce them up and you can bet it will involve my pretty new paint!

I did want to pass on the most awesome tip for cleaning your brushes - total life saver!!!  Jen at I Heart Organizing shared this YouTube video and my paint brushes are like NEW!!

With much love,


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