Thursday, October 9, 2014

DIY Wooden Pumpkins & Crafts

This weekend the girls and I did a little crafting with our new craft paint from Michael's - they were having a sale buy 4 for $2!!!  So we picked up eight colors and made our merry way home to get started.  They told me that they wanted lots of little eyes on one of their pumpkins and then the other they wanted to paint.

For the pumpkin with lots and lots of googly eyes, we applied the eyes using glue.  I would have used glue dots, but I was out of those.  Super quick and the girls are super happy.  We actually did those pumpkins after we did our white pumpkins since they were a nice distraction while the white ones dried.

For these pumpkins, I had spray painted them earlier in the day just one light coat.  When the girls were ready to paint, we simply squirted the paint color of their choice near the stem and then it slowly drips down and dries.  The hardest part for them was of course waiting for it to dry.  We did the pumpkins right before nap time, so when they woke up that was the first thing they asked about.

While the girls were napping, I decided to do some crafting of my own.  We had an old 4x4 out in the garage and I sweetly asked Jeremy to cut various sizes for me so I could make some wooden pumpkins (18 inches, 15 inches, and 12 inches).  One of the colors we purchased at Michael's was Burnt Orange, so I used that for my pumpkins.

I lightly sanded each block prior to painting.  After that I painted two coats of the burnt orange on each block.  Once it dried, I gave each block a little sanding around the edges to give it a more distressed look.  Then I took my clippers outside and clipped off a branch from our tree and gave each pumpkin a stem.  I put a dab of wood glue and presto!  I gave it some time to let the glue dry and then tied some ribbon around each stem.

I haven't decided if I am going to add little faces to each pumpkin, but right now I am totally in love with them!  What about you y'all, have you been busy decorating for Fall??

With much love,


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