Monday, January 13, 2014

Kitchen Drawer Organization….Continued!

Well I had every intention to do some garage organizing this weekend, but the weather was absolutely beautiful so we actually spent the day outside with the girls.  We had a super fun time at the park and even rented a paddle boat!!!  We also managed a stop at The Container Store so mommy could put her gift cards to good use!

The girls has a blast and kept wanting us to chase down the ducks in the water :)  I did manage to get some organizing in during nap time on Sunday in the kitchen of course.

It all started with the counter top near the stove and then spread to some drawers and more countertops. My original plan was to minimize the items on the counter top and maybe in the process clear out some more drawers.  So to start with I was focused on this one spot in the kitchen.

It wasn't necessarily cluttered in my opinion, but I have been wanting to put all the knives in one drawer so that was the driving factor for it all.  I was able to find at The Container Store a knife holder that would hold all of my knives.

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The only problem was that it only fit in the large drawer.  So I did some rearranging with the drawers and counter top and I am really pleased so far.

I did have to purchase an additional utensil holder, which I found at Home Goods for $7.99.  Originally I had another olive oil out on the counter, but decided to put it with my other oils in the pantry since that one isn't used all the time.  As for the cookbook, I put it with all my other cookbooks on top of the fridge.

As for the drawers here are some before and afters.  Before I tackled organizing them, I did take everything out and give each drawer a good clean and then lined with the leftover shelf liner I had from the pantry.

Most of the utensils were placed in the holders on the counter and a few I decided to add to the donation pile.

After I took these pictures I looked around the kitchen and decided to keep going.  The other half of the kitchen counters actually only had a few items on them so the counters stayed the same.

I do normally have a dish drain out when I am doing dishes, but I am trying to get better about putting it under the sink each night so the counters stay clear…wish me luck!!!  Since I was washing towels at this moment, the dish towel that normally lives to the left of the sink wasn't there, but I did decide to straighten up the drawer where all the other towels live.

My washcloths are looking a little sad, might be time to hit up Home Goods for some new ones soon!!  The white bin was leftover from my earlier drawer organizing and thought it fit perfectly in this drawer!!!

Here is a shot looking in from the living room!

There are a few more drawers to tackle in the kitchen and then the cabinets are up next.  I fear this will take me longer since I have a hard time letting go of kitchen appliances.  Not really sure why, but I know it is time to get brutally honest in here and keep the essentials.  I might need some hand holding along the way, but it will get done!!

Happy Monday and happy organizing!!

With much love,


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