Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kitchen Drawer Organization

Hey there!!!  Hope everyone has been staying warm out there!!!  I have been trying to work up the courage to do some garage organizing, but with the chilly temps I have had no motivation to get my booty out there!  So I decided to find some inspiration inside and maybe this weekend I can do some organizing in the garage :)  I did a little organizing to a few drawers in the kitchen the other day and it actually gave me the boost I needed to get some more organizing done.

A few months ago I had purchased a few dollar bins at Target in their dollar section….I told myself I know these will come in handy somewhere in the house :)  I also had left over shelf liner from our pantry so I decided to use that as well since every time I opened the drawers, things would shift and slide around.  Nothing too fancy, but I was able to do two drawers while the girls were eating their breakfast!!!

Here is what we started with.  The current bins I have in here are in good condition, so I just wiped them down as well as wiped down the drawer before lining it with the shelf liner.  Then I used those dollar bins from Target for the items in the back.

And the after :)

I did the same thing to the other drawer as well.

I like seeing the little pop of color when I open the drawer and knowing I can easily find things when I open the drawer.  For me I was able to find the inspiration and motivation I was needing to get my booty in gear!!!

With much love,


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