Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Subway Wall Art - Getting Creative Up In Here!

In between the craziness of the weekend, I was able to sit down at the computer and design up another subway wall art for a boy this time.  Not having a boy of my own, I relied on my experiences with my godson and his lovable older brother that both definitely love to play outside and aren't afraid of getting dirty.  My husband, whom I deem an expert in all things Photoshop, showed me ways I can create all those cool things I have seen on Pinterest.  I am still learning how to use the program and figuring out what designs I like best, but it is getting easier every time I use it.  My first one to design was for my own girls, who love to dance, giggle, and play dress up everyday.  Without further ado, here are my first two subway wall art designs.  Let me know what you think??  Any advice, tips, and/or suggestions with working in Photoshop??

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!! 

With much love,
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