Friday, August 16, 2013

Playroom: A little reading nook

I have this little corner spot in the girls' playroom and before kids it used to house our desk, then we moved the desk into a spare bedroom to open up the room more.  Then with the arrival of our first baby came TONS of baby stuff so the little space was taken over with baby toys and a diaper changing station.  Then I saw a way to take these shelving units from IKEA (one of my favorite stores) and put them on their side and make seating benches, but still have the cubbies to hold the ever growing mound of toys.  I had seen the idea on pinterest, which lead me to one of my favorite blogs for organizing.  Anywho, much to my disappointment the shelves didn't fit in the spot so they have found a new home in the playroom - more on the bookshelves turned benches in another post :)

So now what to do with this little corner spot, bring in a little reading area for the girls.  I thought BRILLIANT idea Kristin and I was going to make this work.  My very generous dad, who absolutely adores and loves his granddaughters, bought the girls little chairs from Pottery Barn Kids.

Now I had something for them to sit down in and just needed something to hold a few books since I had tons of cubbies holding the rest of the books in their room.  I purchased three shelves from Ikea (did I mention this is one of my favorite stores) and put the shelves above the chairs.

The shelves are placed within the girls' reach so they can grab a book or two and sit down in their comfortable chairs and enjoy!

There are still a few finishing touches to make to this area, but I am so happy with the progress.  It brings a huge smile to my face to see the girls relaxing and reading in their chairs.  And here is another full shot looking straight on.

Up next for this space: a table to put between the chairs (built by my hubbie) and a light that suspends from the ceiling.

With much love,
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  1. That's nice !

    Melanie ~

  2. What is the name of the Ikea shelves you used? Thanks.

    1. Hi there!! It is a Ribba Picture Ledge (


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