Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Photo Shoot, Ice Cream and A Trip To World Market

We had a few things on our agenda for this weekend, but on the top of our list was taking the girls out for a photo shoot and then some ice cream.  I am one lucky gal to have married an amazingly talented photographer - he captures the most beautiful pictures of our girls.  I could probably write this whole post about my hubbie...I am even sitting here with a huge smile on my face as I think about him.  I wouldn't be a supportive wife if I didn't at least give him a shout out to his amazing talent as a photographer.


After our photo shoot with the girls, which definitely had its moments trying to get a 3 year old and 21 month old to smile at the camera  - heck who am I kidding, just looking at the camera at the same time was a challenge at times.  I pulled out all the stops with bribery of marshmallows and lollipops, that I have on hand of course and even put on funny glasses to make them smile.

Once the shoot was a wrap we made a slight detour to World Market - I was on a hunt to find curtain drawbacks for the girls' room.  I was looking for something simple and I found them!!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find them on their website, but in their store they had a ton of selections all ranging in price from $6 to $10 a drawback.  They also had the cutest knobs that I might have to go back for later for a switch out of knobs I have been thinking about for the entryway table.  Since the girls' room is gray, purple, and green I decided to paint the drawbacks a pretty green.  The curtains are a dark purple, which is my oldest daughters FAVORITE least right now :)  I used a can of spray paint that we already had in the garage, but we purchased it at Lowe's for less than $4 a can - Krylon ColorMaster Ivy Leaf in Gloss.  I used painters tape to protect the knobs and then went to town.  Here are the drawbacks after the first coat.

Here is the final product with two coats of spray paint.  I waited about twenty minutes in between each coat.  I was on a time crunch while the girls were napping and besides the back of the can said dries in ten minutes!

And I couldn't resist another picture...I just love the green and can't wait to install these babies in the girls' room.  Unfortunately, we don't have the screws to hang them and will have to wait until this weekend.  As soon as we get them installed I will post an update :)

I also put a picture on Instagram about being at World Market and they liked my picture and even started following me...I was so psyched!!!  What about you guys, any quick and easy updates you have made around the home?  

With much love,

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  1. A few things:

    1. This is awesome and I'll probably be your number 1 reader.
    2. I had no idea you were staying home with the girls now---that job is what you were MADE to do!!!!
    3. I like your background.
    4. You should get paid to de-clutter.
    5. You and my mom should start a decoration make-over company when she retires and the girls are older.


    Your favorite cousin named Callie

    1. Thank you my sweet cousin!!! I am going to frame this comment...I love you!!


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