Friday, August 23, 2013

Girls' Bathroom: Adding A Special Touch

Our home has two bathrooms upstairs - one in the master bedroom and the other one is shared between the other two rooms upstairs. When we moved in, I put in our old shower curtain and decorations from our bathroom in our apartment into this second bathroom.  We had no kids at the time and I thought I will get to it later...well it took two kids and three years later for me to get moving on that.  And to be honest I am still putting the finishing touches on it.

The first thing we did was to paint the bathroom and I always find it amazing how much just painting can change a room.  Now don't get me wrong, I liked the color it was before (Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige), it is just that color is on every wall in the house so I wanted a change.  Unfortunately I couldn't find a before picture, but you can view it on Sherwin Williams' site here.  

I wanted to bring pictures of the girls into the bathroom because let's be honest I love seeing their pretty faces everywhere in our home! I wanted to create a cute way for them to hang their towels up instead of just on the back of the door.  I found a picture on Pinterest that was for an entryway and got me to thinking I could do something similar for the girls, but instead of letters I could use their pictures.

Bonus, I am married to an amazing photographer so insert kids into the bathtub to capture a cute picture :) I already had two 8x10 frames from the previous decor of ocean scenes...did I mention this decor was also from my hubbie's bachelor days.   Slight problem, the frames were blue and I wanted white.  Time to whip out the can of spray paint.  I used Valspar Paint + Primer in One, White with a satin finish that we purchased at Lowe's for $4 a can.  I applied two coats to each frame and let them dry overnight.  I also had purchased two 8x10 mattes for a 5x7 picture.

 I purchased the hangers from Ikea in the bathroom section for $3.99 a pack.

And here is a picture with their towels hanging in place.  Notice the princess towel on the even has a little crown on it, which is perfect for my little three year old.  She is all into princesses, ballerinas, and tinker bell right now!  Also a good picture to show the new color on the walls - Valspar Wet Pavement in a satin finish.

If you are looking for cost effective white frames, Ikea has tons to choose from.  I actually just purchased a handful of them on my last trip there for $4.99 for an 8x10 frame (5x7 matte included).

With much love,

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  1. I love this idea it's great :)

    1. Thank you!! I love having pictures all over the house and seeing how much the girls have grown! :)


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