Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Playroom: DIY Art Gallery Wall

One of the things the girls love to do is paint and color, which leads to lots and lots of artwork being taped on the fridge and even to the fireplace mantel.  With my recent Ikea Tarva dresser makeover, I was left with some unused knobs and that got me to thinking what could I use them for...LIGHTBULB!!!  I could turn the knobs into hooks on the wall and create a little system to hang all of their artwork.

I had the majority of the supplies to do this, but needed to purchase an anchor for the knobs to provide a secure hook.  So we took a trip to our local hardware store to purchase hanger bolts.  These are great, you put the flat end of the bolt into your knob while the other end goes directly into the wall.  If you are hanging something heavy though make sure you put an anchor in the wall first.  Since we were just hanging the artwork, we just screwed it directly into the wall.  Here is a list of supplies I used to create the art wall:
  • 4 knobs
  • spray paint (for the knobs & clothespins)
  • Jute twine
  • hanger bolts
  • clothespins
I had some leftover spray paint from our DIY chalkboard frame so I used that to put some color on the raw wood knobs.  Once they were all dry, Jeremy secured them to the wall with the hanger bolts.  Then it was my turn to rope the twine around each knob to give us a line to hang the art work.

We also have an abundance of clothespins, so I took some from our supply in the laundry room and gave them a coat of white spray paint.  The girls love to paint, so we sat down one day and decided to decorate our clothespins that would hang their precious art work.

Now it was time for the girls to decide which artwork they wanted to hang!!

The hardest part now is deciding what new artwork to hang...not sure who has the harder time deciding, mommy or the girls!

With much love,


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