Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Girls' Bedroom: Gallery Wall

Since we have been moving things around in the girls' bedroom, we are left with a wall that is pretty much an open canvas and screaming at us for something fun and creative.  So it was time to start filling that wall with some color, but to do so in a budget friendly way.  Whenever, the girls and I were out like at Target or Home Goods, we would look at their art and decor and the girls were not shy to voice what they liked and didn't like.  Although we had no trouble finding lots of cute pieces, I wasn't too keen on spending lots of money for the different framed prints and canvas.  Instead, I took lots of pictures of the things they loved and tried to find ways to re-create what I could at home and bring in some of their favorite colors.

Another big factor for us was to find creative ways to bring in our faith, while of course including their colors!!  A few months ago my best friend asked me to design a bible verse on a chalkboard printable for her and I fell in love with it myself.  And wouldn't you know it, it already had purple in it...PERFECT!!!!  That was one piece of the puzzle completed!

Now it was time to bring in some PINK!!  I found this perfect print on Pinterest, however, I am not sure who created it since it just links to the image itself...if you know please let me know!  I already had on hand a few extra white frames from Ikea so I decided to use one of those for this print.  In order to bring in more pink, I painted the frame in Sherwin Williams Dragon Fruit.  This is the color that Olivia picked, which I plan to use for several projects for their room.  The paint would not adhere to the frame, so I did give it a light coat of white spray paint first and then put three coats of the dragon fruit on the frame.

I should probably back track and show you the nice blank wall we are working with here :)  Since both girls are now in twin beds (insert big sigh), we moved the shelving unit to the other side of the room and the wall above that was asking for some fun colors and artwork.

As you can see I have a lot of open space to get creative with.  About a year ago I created some subway art for each girl with their birth announcement information, so I decided to add those to this wall.  At this point, Anabella declared that there wasn't enough purple in the mix so after deciding on the right shade of purple she liked, I created this in photoshop for her.

For the center piece of this gallery wall, we had an 18x24 canvas that we discovered in the nursery closet during that remodel.  It was still in its wrapping!!  So after talking about a couple different ideas with the girls, they decided they wanted some green on the wall.  I found a couple different inspirations on Pinterest, but after realizing I am no artist, I went the route of putting a quote on the canvas using some vinyl and my silhouette machine!!  Although this project required no artistic skill, it did require a lot of patience from me.  The next time I decide to place vinyl on a canvas or anything for that matter, I will be purchasing some transfer paper to hopefully decrease some of my under-the-breath-mutterings (thank goodness the girls were napping during this process)!!!

In the end, it might not be perfectly straight, but it is definitely made with LOVE!!!

Originally, I was going to put the purple mirror I painted in the mix with the gallery wall, but the height we needed it at didn't work.  So the purple mirror moved to a new spot with the jewelry organizer and I was back to the drawing board.  On a recent trip to Ikea, the girls picked out these post cards with various designs on them so I pulled them out and had the girls pick their favorite.  The card was a 5x7, which didn't completely work for the frame I had on hand.  So I found some scrapbook paper I had in my supply that was PURPLE and used that as the background.

Here is a complete shot of the wall so you can see everything together!  The blurred out pictures are the subway art ones I made with their birth and personal information on.

And of course, here is a side by side of the before and after!

Olivia's subway art does have some pink in it, but I am wanting to find more ways to bring in a little more pink for her.  I do have a craft lined up to accompany their tea set so maybe I can use some pink for that.

With much love,


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  1. I believe the You Are Loved artwork is a Katie Daisy print.


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