Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Crafts

As Valentine's Day approaches, the girls and I have been doing a lot of arts and crafts projects and making our Valentine's cards.  We even made some delicious and super easy strawberry cookies…they have all been gobbled up, but I bought extra so we can make more again soon!!

Our first arts and crafts we did involved foot prints and hearts!!

I mixed red and white paint to make pink for their footprints…then came the giggles while I painted their feet.  I made their footprints first, then helped guide the girls to write the letters 'L' and 'E'.  I cut out each heart from scrapbook paper, it was a part of the packet I used to make the 'X' and 'O' letters, then glued the heart in place.

The girls said they wanted to paint hearts, so I cut out a bunch of hearts from construction paper and let them have fun.  Their color of choice was to paint them purple of course!

We used the hearts to make cards.

The next little project took some time, but definitely worth it in the end.

I could have cut the time in half by using my Silhouette to cut out the hearts, but the girls love to trace things so I had them help me trace the hearts using our heart cookie cutter.  I then used my craft hole punch to put two holes in each heart and used baker's twine to hang the hearts.  I love seeing the girls' smiles when they see everything displayed on the mantel!!

With much love,


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