Thursday, September 12, 2013

Girls' Bedroom: Window Treatment Update

A few weeks ago, I took a trip to World Market and picked up some curtain drawbacks for the girls' bedroom.  I decided to give them some extra love with spray paint, my new bff!!

We purchased the screws over the weekend and were finally able to get them installed.  Once installed, I sprayed some spray paint in a small bowl and used a paint brush to touch up the screws so they would match with the rest of the drawback.

Originally, I had painted the girls' room a soft yellow and had a Noah's Ark theme.  The girls are still toddlers and will always be my babies, but I wanted to update their room.  I wanted to bring more color into it, colors that they love, and bring in more of their personality into the room.  So I decided to go with a gray, purple, and green room.  There are accents of pink and orange in there as well. The curtains were one of the first updates to the room.  One criteria for the curtains, they had to be either purple or green and block out as much sun as possible.  The girls sleep much better when their room isn't shining bright!!  I found the curtains online at Amazon.  If you need blackout curtains, I would totally recommend these babies!!  The only hiccup in my plan was trying to find curtains long enough and for the right price.  They are perfect in almost every way except for their length.

The window has an arch at the top that lets in a ton of sunlight, but when the girls are napping and sleeping I needed that blocked.  So I had to raise the curtains up higher, which means they are not touching the floor like I had originally wanted.  I would like to add a splash of green fabric to the bottom to make them the perfect length, but until I become friends with my sewing machine that will have to wait!

I have been making slow updates to the girls' room over the summer and currently working on a few posts to show you what I have done in there.

With much love,


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  1. That's pretty :)

    Melanie ~


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