Thursday, December 4, 2014

Friday Favorites

I am still feeling a little under the weather and feeling behind on a lot of things this week...still have my boxes of Christmas decorations calling my name that are stacked in the hallway and kitchen!  A few things did catch my eye this week and the first favorite I have to share with you this week is an absolutely yummy recipe.  Granted, I have never tried these, but they sound so delicious and look so tasty.  I love chocolate covered cherries and these do not disappoint, I mean look at them how could they not be yummy!

If you do not follow Michael, at Inspired by Charm, then you need to seriously get that corrected.  He shares the most yummy recipes and great tips on decorating!

Lately, I have been feeling the keeping it simple vibe especially when it comes to decorations.  Here are a couple DIY Christmas decor projects that caught my eye.

Jenna, at SAS Interiors, included this DIY project in a post about everything else Christmas and it includes a lot of really great projects all in one place!!

The girls at Classy Clutter made the cutest jute wrapped letters for Joy!

In addition to trimming the Christmas tree, decorating the house and wrapping presents, it is also the time to prepare your Christmas cards.  Megan, at Honey We're Home created this great DIY holiday card caddy that makes my organizing heart just sing!!


I hope your first week of December has been a great one and hope you all have an awesome weekend!!  I am finishing up a few DIY projects, that I hope to have ready to show you next week too!

With much love,


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