Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Living Room: Creating A Little Reading Nook

Do you ever have an odd little corner or space in a room that you just aren't quite sure what to do with it??  Well, for me I have this kind of half wall that is next to our fireplace that for the longest time was bare.  Then, almost two years ago, we bought a beautiful chair to put in that spot.  I absolutely love this chair and felt it was a great accessory for the room, but the entire space was still lacking.

Over the last month, I kept staring at this space wondering how I could make it more functional and cozy for us at the same time.  We talked about creating a spot to hold books for the girls and then maybe some magazines for me, but trying to find the perfect spot to put them.  Then it hit me while I was staring at this spot one day, I can put some shelving or wire baskets to store the books.  

So that is just what I decided to do.  We decided to shop our home first and see if we had anything that we could use to store the books.  We actually found a couple different options, a) Ikea spice racks, b) three tiered metal magazine rack, or c) two individual wire baskets.  We decided to go with the two individual wire baskets since they were larger and felt more open.

First step was to mark the spot where we wanted to hang our baskets.

During this process, Jeremy discovered that the hook on the right would go into a stud.  So for that one, a drywall anchor was not going to be needed.

To camouflage the drywall anchor, I painted over it using some of our touch-up paint.  It was super easy to hang and all done in 15 minutes.

The bottom basket is at a perfect height for the girls to reach and they have been loving having a spot just for their books.

Eventually, I would like a little table next to the chair, but for now I am totally loving using the pouf.

Here is a little before and after shot of our new little reading nook. 

Did I mention how much I love this little spot!!

With much love,


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