Thursday, September 18, 2014

Entrway Drop Zone: Organizing the Drawers

Earlier this week I shared with you all how I set up my entryway table and created a little drop zone for the mail.  I want to share the other details lurking in the drawers and cabinets today :)  On one of my trips to Target, in the dollar section I found some drawer organizers and thought they would be perfect for the entryway table.

The items we cannot leave the house without: keys and sunglasses!!!  I decided to use two of the drawer organizers I purchased from Target for these items.  In the past we used the key hook we have installed in the pantry, but as the front door is used more often now we found our keys laying on the kitchen counters or misplaced.

This tray has been the perfect solution for us and so easy to just drop them in the drawer when we get home.  We also store extra gum and tissues in here as well, which are easy to grab when needed!

My sweet babies, especially Olivia, have an aversion to the bright, bright sun...solution is to have lots of sunglasses on hand.  Enter the next drawer :)

I wish I could say this was all the sunglasses we had, but alas, there is a pair for each girl in our vehicles too!

We don't have a changing station downstairs, but I keep extra diapers and wipes in one of the drawers.  This drawer has been a lifesaver, and a time saver I suppose, since I don't have to go upstairs to change a diaper every time.

The last drawer is kinda random, but for now totally works for us.  Some items might find a new home, but currently this drawer holds Ava's dog leash, an extra umbrella, flashlight and my little folder of coupons.  

Now for below the drawers, I decided at least one cabinet would be the best place to hold our arts and crafts supplies.  Most of them used to be in our home office, but we have actually been reassessing how our home office is set up so I decided it was best to bring them out.  I wanted them in an easy accessible place, but nicely hidden behind a cabinet door.

The entryway table used to hold lots of random things for us and we have been rearranging a lot lately and finding a new home for things.  Items that we have kept have found a new spot within our home and other items were either sold or donated.  Since I decided to tackle this cabinet late at night and spur of the moment, I don't have any before pictures.  I do, however, have a picture of its current state and hopefully it will stay like this.

Luckily, the arts and crafts we use downstairs all fit in one cabinet so I have an empty cabinet to work with later #onehappymomma!!!

I purchased a second letter tray from Ikea a few months back and decided this was the best place for it.  It holds all the loose paper in one neat spot!!

When Target starts to put their summer items on clearance, that is a good time to grab a utensil caddy, which is what I did the past two years to grab these cuties.  I love using these caddies for multiple things, including my cleaning products.

Also purchased some inexpensive plastic containers at Target to store extra items like pom poms and the dollar wooden crafts from Michaels, Hobby Lobby and/or JoAnn's.

Happy almost weekend!!

With much love,


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