Thursday, September 11, 2014

DIY Outdoor Bar Table

Although grilling season might be coming to a close for some, I wanted to share with you lovely guys and gals a super easy project for an outdoor bar table.  I originally saw this idea to up cycle some old wood into a drop-down table from another blog I found on Pinterest, Simply Swider.  I absolutely loved what she did and how easy it was, so of course I showed it to Jeremy.

A while back we replaced our back fence and needless to say we found ourselves with a pile of old fence slates.  Unfortunately,  most of the pile is still there collecting dirt on the side of our house, but we found a use for a few slates with this easy project to make a drop-down table next to the grill!!  

After sorting through the slates to find ones with similar thickness, Jeremy laid three slates down horizontally on the patio.  He then laid four boards on top in a vertical position (as shown below), and to create a "sandwich effect" he laid three boards on top of those in a horizontal (matching the first boards).  The boards were then secured together with outdoor screws.  

Next step was to trim out the table using cedar 1"x2" that was attached using a nail gun.  We used cedar boards because it is weather resistant and we had it left over from the garden.  Now to attach it to the siding.  To secure the table to something solid Jeremy screwed a 1"x4" into the studs.  We still need to take a paint chip of the siding to get a match so we can paint the 1"x4", but that is added to the to-do list!

The table is attached in two ways: hinges and a chain.  The hinge is secured to the table and the 1x4, again using outdoor screws.  The hinge was first screwed into the table and then to the 1x4 that was already secured into studs.  

Once the hinges were in place and secure, Jeremy screwed an eye hook directly into the siding, which  of course is in a stud.

Another eye hook was also screwed into the table, which both will be used to hook the chain on.

Jeremy connected the chain, which supports 35 pounds, to each eye hook using a carabiner.

When the table is not in use, we can simply fold it up using an eye hook latch on each side to keep it closed.  We are so in love with this table and kicking ourselves for not doing it sooner.

Not only is it great for Jeremy to use when grilling, but I placed a pitcher of ice cold water on it for the girls.  It is a perfect solution to have something to drink and cuts down on them coming in and out of the house when playing outside for a drink.

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