Monday, November 4, 2013

Office Organization: Scrapbook & Craft Supplies

Until very recently, my scrapbook supplies were located in various places throughout the as in just this weekend :)  I finally sat down with all the drawer organizers I have collected in the past year and decided to get serious about organizing the mound of supplies I have been collecting over the years.  About six months ago, we purchased two Stuva storage dressers from Ikea and here is a sneak peek of the pretty drawers finally all organized!!

Let's step back a few days ago...last time I left you guys with a look at the daunting task at hand, for me at least.

As you can see, I already had a few drawer organizers that I purchased at Ikea, but I wasn't putting it all to good use.  After assessing all I had, I made a list of what other supplies I needed.  Luckily, I only had to purchase two extra white bins - you can see them in this picture in the top right corner.

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The ones we purchased were all white...I actually didn't see these at Ikea or I probably would have purchased these.  I love the little pop of color.  Anyways, I picked up the all white for $5.99 each and they are actually in the kitchen section.  I also purchased these drawer organizers from Ikea a few months ago for only $1.99 each, also in the kitchen section.

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So once I had all my drawers and bins purchased, I laid them on the floor next to all my supplies.  Then I just started sorting into each bin and slowly saw my mound on the floor disappear.

I only had three drawer organizers and although they were very inexpensive I didn't want to make another trip to Ikea.  Well I could always go to that store, but I wanted to see if I could use what I already had at home.  I had a lot of little things left, like scraps of ribbon, flower embellishments, and buttons.  So I checked the garage and I was in luck...I found some mason jars!  So I put all those little odds and end pieces into the mason jars and was super ecstatic that they fit in the drawers.  I eventually want to get circle labels for the mason jars, but I only have a scallop punch-out so that is what I used for now.

I am super happy with how the drawers turned out and now looking at the pictures, I wish I had done this sooner!!

I also added a 3-tier wire mesh rack that I purchased at Home I love that store!!!  My hubbie installed it on the side for me and then I made some labels for each bin.  The labels are temporary right now, once the office is completely organized I want to sit down and make pretty labels.

I also have big plans for the faces of the drawers.  I found this great inspiration photo from my favorite organizing blogger, I Heart Organizing.  You know I love the color gray, and I have quite a few shades in my garage just begging to partner with a paintbrush.  My next project for the office is organizing our desk, but once that is done I want to hop on painting the drawers!!

My husband and I have slowly been working on organizing the desk, so I hope to have an update on this soon.  Until then, I hope you all have a Happy Monday!!

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  1. I'll have to put those drawer organizers in the list for my next Ikea visit (it's three hours away from where we live and I'm only allowed one yearly visit ;0)

    1. Hi Gaby!! I definitely feel very fortunate to live about 25 minutes away from ours, but that store is definitely addicting :)


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