Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pantry Organization Part I

The kitchen is one of my favorite places in the house and I have slowly been working on getting it more organized, better late than never right!!  What better place to start than the pantry...since that is where all the food comes from :)

Here is what I started with in the pantry and then immediately cleared the shelves and gave them a good cleaning.

Once the shelves were sparkling white again, I laid down some Rubbermaid shelf green of course!  I have acquired a few containers over the years to hold cereal, sugar, and flour and then had a few extra bins around the house that were previously used for the girls' toys.  I did purchase a few extra crates from The Container Store to corral some pasta boxes and baking goods and lazy susans from Ikea for the corner spots. Here are the newly purchased supplies I added to the pantry.

Then because I couldn't help myself, I whipped out my new favorite can of spray paint, Rust-Oleum Metallic Champagne Mist to use on an undershelf basket from The Container Store.  And then because I am a little obsessed I also used it on some lids for other containers I already had.  The pantry re-org took me a few hours to complete....longer than planned since dealing with the kiddos, but loving the new setup.

Also added some metal bins that I plan to use for various snacks like gummies and granola bars.  They won't hold all the snacks, but I plan to put the ones that I need quick access to for the girls and lunches. We purchased them from Hobby Lobby months ago - they were a Christmas clearance find!!

The chalkboard was a DIY my husband made long before my blogging days.  He used the same concept here that we used for the wall chalkboard in the playroom.  Instead of spray painting the frame, we opted to stain it instead.

The little cup to hold the chalk is part of a set for sugar and lemons and hardly gets used so I found a new use for it!

Found this extra basket in a closet and thought it would be perfect for all the extra spare towels.  Might just be me, but I am always needing to clean up a spill in the kitchen from either me or the girls and got tired of wasting paper towels.   Well enough with the words, let's just get to the rest of the pictures!!

My husband and bestie say I am slightly OCD, especially when it comes to lining up my jars and cans, but I have completely embraced it!!

Notice my lovely champagne mist lids...I just LOVE them!!!  Here are some up close pictures of the crates from The Container Store.  

And of course a good before and after to round it all out! 

The next step for a lovely organized pantry...why labels of course! 

So, I know what I will be doing this weekend, what about you!!  :)

With much love, 


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  1. Hi could you please tell me where I could find that punch out you used? looks wonderful!

    1. Hi there!! I had a coupon to Archivers and actually purchased mine there, but I have seen it on Amazon as well.


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